Although a Buddhist's conduct is governed by precepts, we need not be afraid that, upon studying Buddhism, we will be bound by so many rules that we will lose our freedom and be under tremendous pressure. Mahayana Buddhism never advocates formalities. Rather, it educates by ways of an extraordinarily human and open approach, never by force.

Here is a recommendation from my book, "Words of Wisdom - Lamp of Lotus": It is alright if you don’t want to learn Buddhism or have any religious faith. As long as you can find something you like in this book, and from it feel inspired with a trace of peace and joy, I truly will feel very happy and that my existence is worthwhile. Sometimes the very thought of this can cheer me and move me to tears in private. During this period of the annual life release, I pray every day that people can benefit in this way.

Although Mahayana Buddhism promotes vegetarianism, this doesn’t mean that those who can’t really give up eating meat are unable to learn Buddhism. Non-vegetarians may also study and practice Buddhism, with the minimum requirement being that they should refrain from ordering or partaking of anything live to eat.

Standing atop a high mountain and gazing at the landscape from afar, the horizon looks flat, and we would never know that the earth is round. But one day we would discover the truth. Do not dismiss the idea of a spherical earth simply because such a thing is not observable.Exploring life from the standpoint of our mundane senses, we can understand only one phase of life without seeing the entire cycle. But one day we will discover the truth. Do not dismiss the idea of cyclic existence simply because such a thing is not observable.

Yesterday, I was invited to speak at China International Yoga Conference in Beijing. The venue was quite beautiful. The topic of my talk was the Yoga of Mind. My feeling is that yoga should be more than just refined body movements; it needs to incorporate mental and spiritual elements If yoga centers that integrate meditation and yoga exercise can be established in the future, this will surely help many more people.

Because the edge of the earth is invisible from the surface of the earth, its spherical shape is unknown. Because the edge of the Milky Way is invisible from within the Milky Way, its swastika shape is unknown. Because the edge of life is invisible from within samsara, life’s imperishable perpetuity is unknown. Only when the earth, the Milky Way and samsara are transcended can their truth really be seen.

Humans need to have some sort of spiritual pursuit or support beyond the material in order to maintain a balanced temperament and make life fulfilling and interesting. Otherwise, the exclusive pursuit of material things eventually brings us only restlessness, boredom and vacuity.

The full moon banishes illusions. The autumn winds sweep afflictions. Buddha's light illuminates human minds. Peace and joy at the six auspicious periods. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you all!

A critical person makes people around them nervous, uneasy and annoyed while a tolerant person makes others relaxed, comfortable, and joyful. Learning to compromise as much as possible and consider others' feeling and needs are the requisites for everyone living among the crowd.