Words of Wisdom 29.04.18

AUTHOR: Khenpo Tsultrim Lodrö
HITS( 543)

Actually, concept and practice are essential aspects of any method; the two are inseparable.

Of these, concept is likened to our eyes when we take a walk, while practice is our footsteps. We can proceed to walk only after seeing the road ahead; however, if we only see the road but fail to take steps, we will never arrive at our destination. In the same way, we should fully comprehend the underlying concept in the practice before we begin. But concepts are no more than knowledge found in the books. Except when one is truly enlightened, whatever is gained through listening or thinking — be it listening to the Dharma, reading, or contemplating — is considered conceptual knowledge.

If this knowledge is not put into practice, it will not be very helpful in eliminating our afflictions. Having established the right understanding, we must then begin to practice. The purpose of listening to the Dharma and applying the teachings is to eliminate afflictions and attain liberation, not only for ourselves but also for all sentient beings.

~ Depicted from THE FOUR SEALS OF DHARMA - Summation