What are the three supreme methods ? They are : 1. Motivation; 2. actual practice with a mind of free of clinging and concepts; 3. dedication. 

1. Motivation 

Normally, purpose should always precede action. Very rarely a good deed or spiritual practice is undertaken without a purpose. If virtuous actions are accompanied with supreme motivations, twice the result can be achieved with half the effort. 

2. Practice with a mind of free of clinging and concepts

It refers to a certain state achieved in practice. Once succeeded in reaching this state, all the good deeds that one does, be it meditation or animal liberation, will naturally become something supremely excellent. 

3. Dedication 

Upon completion of a virtuous deed or spiritual practice, a proper dedication of the merits should be done according to the text. Since very good karma has already been effected during meditation or animal liberation, how to apply this good karma thus becomes a pivotal question. Should it be used to attain liberation, health, longevity or rebirth in the god or human realm? We can choose. In essence, dedication is to make a purposeful choice. 




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