WORDS OF WISDOM 13.08.2021

AUTHOR: Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro
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The three yogas of Nyingmapa represent three different levels of view, which move ever closer to the nature of mind from one level to the next. Mahayoga is mainly about the generation stage, its object more outwardly directed; hence there are many discussions on visualization, mantra recitation, offering, etc. in its contents. Anuyoga is primarily about the completion stage, its object the vajra body which is inwardly focused; hence fewer practices about visualization and mantra recitation are included, its main purpose being to control the channels, winds, and essences of the body. It is the view of Anuyoga that practices of visualization, mudra, mantra recitation, offering, etc. as dictated in Mahayoga are all unnecessary detours. Atiyoga talks about the completion stage without marks, which holds that all things, be they external or internal, are manifestations of the mind. As long as the nature of mind is realized, none of the external or internal practices is needed, as they are all deviations. Therefore, the object of Atiyoga is neither the external practices of visualization, mantra recitation, making offering, etc. nor the practice of channels, winds, and essences of the vajra body, but the luminous nature of mind.

~Depicted from GATEWAY TO VAJRAYANA PATH - The Completion Stage —the skillful means to realize emptiness