If we accumulate too much negative energy (non-virtuous karma) in the container (storehouse consciousness), such negative energy will eventually manifest itself, making one upset, unhealthy and unhappy. This is simply a matter of evil begetting evil.

I am off to a very remote, primeval forest without any electricity or telecommunication network, to experience the spiritual living I crave the most. Back in a week. May peace and joy be with you.

On the grassland, one can sense the possibility for humans to merge with nature and for the mind to return to its original state. Here, one can find another way of living and the meaning of life. The key to human happiness lies not in transformation or complication, but in simplicity and being natural.

I came across some scientists on the grassland, gathered with environmentalists in a tent. We had a round table dialogue comparing science and traditional views…Loving Mother Nature and all that lives is a mission shared by all humankind.

The edge of the earth and the sky is visible here, where only clouds wander around, and so is the edge of the mind, where only love is in action. Nature and mind are equally beautiful and captivating.

Here, one can feel the joy of simple life and the beauty of nature, taking one’s mind back to its original essence. We really should experience this kind of life, to gain some understanding of what we truly need.

This is where many practitioners undertook the most perfect spiritual life, embarking on the road of no return. Lying here and gazing at empty space, I went looking in a world without space or time for traces of them. If one does not know how to appreciate spiritual life, material life tends to become less and less interesting.

From 5:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. the day before yesterday, we traveled along roads in the worst condition. After the jolts all day, I was aching all over when I finally got out. Once again, my annual visit to the country side has begun.