I had the intention to speak with Dr. Ian Stevenson in person about transmigration. He was the first person in the West to explain rebirth through a scientific method. Regrettably, I only saw a picture of him in his office today.

I've been going back to our primary school to spend Children's Day on June 1st with the students every year since 2007. Regrettably, I am going to miss it this year. May you all have a joyful day!

~ Khenpo's blog published on 31 May 2015

This is Mr. Jim Tucker, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Mr. Tucker and his team have continued the reincarnation research after Dr. Ian Stevenson’s retirement. His main research interests currently focus on American cases. In 2013, his second book on reincarnation Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives was published.

~ Khenpo's blog published on 15 May 2015

Whatever rude words others want to say to insult you is up to them, but whether or not these words can hurt you is ultimately your decision.

I had a lecture and academic exchange during my visit to Otterbein University in Ohio. Although this institution is not as big as Columbia University or UVA, its campus is beautiful and serene. I was told the small towns around the university have not sold liquor for a period of 100 years. Many graduates of Otterbein have joined non-profit organizations to serve society.

~ Khenpo's blog published on 7 June 2015

I visited the University of Colorado for lectures and discussions. The Boulder campus is located in the beautiful city of Boulder, where there are snowy mountains, forests, lakes, blue sky with pretty white clouds. What a wonderful place!

~ Khenpo's blog published on 29 May 2015

I was at UC Santa Barbara for lectures and discussions. Hopefully, the Buddha’s wisdom about life can help more and more young people. After all, they have farther to go on their journey and more issues to face.

~ Khenpo's blog published on 4 June 2015

The sea is sometimes calm and sometimes not, while the sky always stays the same. Consciousness is sometimes active and sometimes not, while the nature of mind remains still. The sea, the sky, the mind—just like one will never come to the end of reading books, one will never see the end of the mind's creations.

~ Khenpo's blog published on 6 June 2016