When a person, in his or her value system, holds material things above all else, there is not much happiness to be found in this person’s life.

For the sake of sentient beings’ lives, the resources of our planet and personal health, please try to be vegetarian as best you can, so that we may have a better tomorrow.


~ Khenpo's blog published on 15 November 2015

Life transcends the flesh. The latter is limited, the former is immeasurable. Infinite life travels through the endless universe with bodies as its various means of transport.

Material things can fill our needs but not our desires, because there is a limit to what we need whereas desires are unlimited.

In the past few days, the hot topic on the internet here has been about “fake dharma king” or “fake tulku.” We have often advised everybody not to be fooled by such titles, but very few listened. Now the truth has revealed! Actually, in many cases, these titles are just descriptive designations. We should thank them for putting on a show this time for the world to see! But, seriously, we must distinguish between Tibetan Buddhism and hoaxes using Tibetan Buddhism as a cover.

We need to learn how to live, to acquire knowledge and skills, and to work, as well as how to die. This is because death is also a very important link in our lives.

On the path to liberation, we owe everything to you. It’s been twelve years since you left us, but we stay on course with the strength you passed on to us. We all look forward to being by your side again, Lama.