When you lie on the beach or the grassland, look up into the blue sky and let your mind merge with that blue expanse. As you receive the blue sky into your mind, the pressure, anxiety, sadness and so on, all vanish in the empty space. Not only can you feel extraordinarily relaxed, but perhaps you may also discover your true nature.

We see how bumpy the road is underneath our feet only when we lower our heads. We discover how rough life’s journey can be only when we encounter calamity. Together let us pray for the MH370 victims, treasure life and seek its ultimate meaning!

Three things about dreams. We are all in a very long dream, where we should keep the following in mind: (1) Despite it’s being a dream, we should not do anything harmful to others because it may give others nightmares. (2) Despite it’s being a dream, we should do as much as possible to help others even within the dream, because others may end up with sweet dreams. (3) Since it's just a dream, the sooner we wake up the better. Make your best efforts to awake everyone.

What people call the sunset is not really the sun setting, but the horizon rising; what people call death is actually not the end but the beginning of the next journey.

Have you ever felt the hurt over losing something or somebody? You should know that in this world nobody or nothing is hard to detach from, except only the attachment per se that is the hardest to let go of. Happy International Women’s Day!

Actually, from the standpoint of animals, humans are the most unconscionable terrorists in the world, who build thousands of concentration camps and kill innocent lives every day on a massive scale.

Larung Gar, the spiritual home of numerous people, is where I have lived for the past thirty years (1984-2014). The weather is very cold at Larung, but the mind feels warmer here than anywhere else because this is where my guru used to live.