Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking chose the birthday of Albert Einstein to leave this world. The unfinished journey of physics that he left behind seems more mysterious and troubling. But impermanence is the hardest truth in the world; everything looks so fragile in front of it.

~ Khenpo's blog published on 14 March 2018

It is important that we remind ourselves of the significance of bodhicitta when we are engaging in any kind of positive act, whether that be making offerings, reading sutras, prostrating and so on.

Depicted from "Guide to the Four Preliminary Practices 3 - Part 2" April, 2015, Vancouver, Canada

Let us consider for a moment where we are exactly in our practice. After an investigation like this, some people may delight in discovering they have perfect bodhicitta; some may regret they have not started to practice bodhicitta; some may know with certainty they are in the process of cultivating bodhicitta. Regardless, we should all work towards this goal. Those of you who are not practicing should start right away; those who, like me, have not yet aroused bodhicitta should exert greater effort; those who already have bodhicitta can start the practice of emptiness.

~ Depicted from THE FOUR SEALS OF DHARMA : Preparing for the Preliminaries

When fundamental ignorance arises, our mind has already moved away from clarity to its second level. What is fundamental ignorance? At this level or state, the mind, prior to entering clarity, is very calm and relaxed and totally free of thought — correct, incorrect, good, bad, painful, happy... .

To be more specific, the origin of mind is clarity; subsequently, within clarity, slight undulations begin to form; when these undulations appear, the first moment of fundamental ignorance is produced. Although the innate clarity of the mind remains unchanged at this time, fundamental ignorance has already separated from clear light to form our consciousness. Here fundamental ignorance is likened to a ripple in the ocean. Although the ripple is not yet a wave, the calm ocean surface is not quite the same and is showing signs of undercurrent.

~ Depicted from Luminous Wisdom Book Series : The suffering of the paper tiger

As we begin this teaching, let us make an aspiration of bodhicitta. Bodhicitta is the essence of the Mahayana tradition, as well as its foundation, which is to say that if there is no bodhicitta then there is no Mahayana Buddhism. The Mahayana is known as the greatest perfection to an image to the Buddha produces different merit depending on on the surface of the fruit produces as the bodhicitta. the motivation of which it is made. How is it that the same offering and the same object of offering can have different levels of merit? The key factor that the degree of merit hinges on is the scope of our mechanism. Ultimately,whether an offering we make conforms to the Hinayana tradition or the Mahayana tradition depends on the motion with which we make it

Depicted from "Guide to the Four Preliminary Practices 1 - Part 1" April, 2015, Vancouver, Canada

After a person has killed a being or stolen things, the karmic seed of such actions will remain in this person’s alaya consciousness. When it will germinate is uncertain, however. The scriptures often use the analogy of harvesting crops to illustrate the timing of karmic effect. There are a great variety of grains and vegetables and the length of time for them to ripen varies. Some may ripen in only one to two months, others five or six months, or even longer. The types of seeds, the geographical location and the climate are all contributing factors to this disparity.

If the deceased received empowerment in his or her lifetime and was a serious practitioner, the guru or dharma friends can guide the deceased to liberation now by following the instructions contained in Bardo Tödröl. If liberation is not attained at this stage, the deceased will face rebirth next.

When rebirth is about to take place, the bardo being will encounter a man and a woman in sexual intercourse. If the being is to be reborn as a male, it will feel anger and jealousy toward the man but desire for the woman; if the being is to be born as a female, it will harbor anger and jealousy toward the woman but desire for the man. As long as desire and anger are both present, rebirth will take place immediately. The first few months after taking rebirth, one remains unconscious. Because this period of unconsciousness lasts a long time, one forgets everything that happened in the last life after being born.

Depicted from Luminous Wisdom Book Series : On Death And Rebirth-How to Take Rebirth

From death to rebirth, there are at least more than a few chances for a person to obtain liberation, attain Buddhahood or be reborn in Sukhāvatī (pure land of Amitabha) if one has grasped the pith instructions on death. Short of attaining Buddhahood or being reborn in Amitabha’s pure land, by applying the pith instructions on death, one can also freely choose to be reborn in the human realm, having a life endowed with freedom and leisure to practice the Dharma and ultimately gain liberation.

Having grasped the pith instructions, one is no longer just at the mercy of past karmic force when taking rebirth. Absent this knowledge, one will miss all the opportunities to be free from the control of karmic force time and time again. It is therefore crucial to learn the pith instructions on death.

~ Depicted from THE HANDBOOK FOR LIFE'S JOURNEY : On Death & Rebirth - How to Face Death

Liberation is not a fairy tale nor is it mysterious. Through proper training, the mind of ordinary people like us, bounded by attachment and ignorance, can absolutely be transformed into the pure state of Buddha nature. This is liberation.

~ Depicted from THE HANDBOOK FOR LIFE'S JOURNEY : On The Three Poisons - How to Refute Ignorance