Overseas Teaching 14.03.18

AUTHOR:Khenpo Tsultrim Lodrö

The cumulative result of practice on the four thoughts is renunciation. Cultivating such renunciation has a great transformative impact on our value system. Previously we might have thought that if we had wealth, if we had status, if we had fame and so on, this would be all that we would need in order to be happy, and that it should be these toward which we should orient all our efforts in life. It is fine for us to have these things; the Buddha never said it was not okay to have them, and it was never said that it is impossible to attain enlightenment if one has money or status or fame. But after having properly practiced the four common preliminaries we will reach a point where we aspire toward a goal that is higher than just money or status or fame, and that goal is liberation. This desire for liberation, going beyond these mundane objectives in life, is true renunciation. That is what we are seeking to cultivate through the practice of the four preliminaries.

Depicted from "Guide to the Four Preliminary Practices 3 - Part 38" April, 2015, Vancouver, Canada