Overseas Teaching 10.11.17

AUTHOR:Khenpo Tsultrim Lodrö

As long as we are clear about how we should go about cultivating bodhicitta, and clear about how to practice, applying a due amount of diligence we can definitely succeed. Everyone has the capacity and opportunity to develop bodhicitta for themselves. Even though we might not have generated bodhicitta to its fullest potential yet, it doesn’t matter. For the time being we can start by making the bodhicitta aspiration in a more contrived way, thinking that we want to benefit other beings and on this basis we need to attain buddhahood. How do we go about attaining buddhahood? Through Buddhist practice. And in order to engage in Buddhist practice we need to know how to practice, and so we need to study the Buddhist tradition. It’s perfectly fine if we begin like this. Moving from a state of more contrived or passive bodhicitta to a more active and effortless state is a process of transformation. As long as we begin and apply ourselves to it with some effort, anyone can undergo this process of transformation from a more contrived bodhicitta to one that is more genuine.

Depicted from "Guide to the Four Preliminary Practices 1 - Part 13" April, 2015, Vancouver, Canada